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Elite Horde Guild on Netherstorm Server.
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 Sword of the Horde

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PostSubject: Sword of the Horde   Sword of the Horde Icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2007 11:11 am

Sword of the Horde Bannergu2

Sword of the Horde
Netherstorm [H]
Silvermoon City Headquarters

New Website Forums Here
Sword of the Horde Forums

Sword of the horde is a new guild on the Netherstorm server. We are focused on getting ready for RAIDS and PvP. We will also be running instances to help get ready for end-game content.. We want to give you a place to hang out with friends and have fun. Everyone is friendly and willing to help eachother out.

We are also welcoming all new players. All levels and classes excepted. Please look us up if your new.. It wont take long for everyone to started gaining levels. We are going to start doing some guild events. We also have the capacity to run instances and RAIDS. We have about 250+ members and a lot of active folks.

We have a tabard already and will get all members one when they join. We do have a few rules that all members are to follow.

1) Please follow all server rules.
2) No PvP fighting at the off-limits areas. This includes the shops at the major cities.
3) No flaming other members. Our guild is open to everyone so there are new players here too. When they ask a question, me or a officers and other guildmates will awnser. No FLAMMING..
4) Please uphold our image. We want to be a nice and helpful guild. We ask everyone to be kind to others, especially guildmate.
5) NO BEGGING FOR GOLD, SILVER, or COPPER. If you need a loan then please ask someone in chat other than guildchat..
6) No SPAMMING guild chat with LFG for ?????. We will try to organize something that you want to run.. No need to ask over and over again.
7) No Ninjas.... period....
Cool If you have a service to offer then try to donate to the guild. Do not charge a guildmate 1000g for a bag or something you made. Feel free to sell it to someone outside the guild.
9) No Needing on items in a instance unless it was planned before entering with your group. Please try to use greed..
10 ) HAVE FUN!!!!!

All rules must be follow.. You will get 1 warning. After that you will be demoted (if possible) and after the 3rd time you will be kicked.

Hope to hear from you all.. Until then. For the Horde!

Guild Master

======<( Guild Info )>=====

Guild Headquarters is Silvermoon.
We have elected all officers for now..
I am currently working on a website using a hosting provider.. Seeing how that works. Really dont think we need it.. May remove it.

If anyone wants a promotion to Sword, then you must reply on this forum. The more people we get to use this forum the better. We will be seen more and also we can plan out some events ahead of time.

======<( Guild Events )>=====

Guild Event coming soon. Will be a Guild Duel somewhere...

=====<( Instances )>=====

For now everyone just organize in game.. With 20+members online, should be an issue.

=====<( Officers )>=====

Egal/Ramp ==<( Counsil/Assistant Guild Master )>===
Amerya ==<( Counsil/ Assistant Guild Master )>==
Seni ==<( Counsil/ Assistant Guild Master )>==

Unusual ==<( Officer )>==
Nephlye ==<( Officer )>==
Bnbtortkill ==<( Officer )>==
Pyro ==<( Officer )>==
Fashizzle ==<( Officer )>==
Medaknight ==<( Officer )>==
Ultrasteak ==<( Officer )>==
Valkarie ==<( Officer )>==

=====<( Members )>=====

Over 300+ members and growing. 30+ online. We will put a roster down here in time. Thanks everyone for there hard work. We are a growing guild and the leadership and officers are getting better everyday.
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PostSubject: Re: Sword of the Horde   Sword of the Horde Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 7:28 pm

I regret to inform the guild that I was unable to fix wow to play on Netherstorm since the latest patch. I tried all the things listed to work and none did so i'm goin back to retail same name on Staghelm. Crying or Very sad

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PostSubject: Re: Sword of the Horde   Sword of the Horde Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 11:46 am

I heared they have a tutorial on BWoW forums that can help you :X


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PostSubject: Re: Sword of the Horde   Sword of the Horde Icon_minitime

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Sword of the Horde
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